Dear Members of UNIBRIDGE CLUB

In 1972, I was a young man serving my Country in Africa, as an Officer of the Portuguese Air Force.

I received from some friends some notes about a game they called "Bridge".
I started to play some hours everyday in the Officers Club, in a table of Rubber Bridge with novices in the game like me.
"Four cards majors, Stayman old way, Baron and Albarran", thats all.

Officer of Portuguese Air Force, in Tete, Mozambique
My Novice Partners

"ASTRONAUT", a war orphan protected by me

When I returned to Portugal, two years later, I continued to play with friends for a further few years.
One day, someone called me to go to a Real Bridge Club in Lisbon, to see how a tournament was played. I kibitzed the best players indicated to me, and, of course, a great part of artificial bids were completely unknown to me.
Next day, I went again. An old Lady asked me?
- Do you play bridge?
- Well, I've played basic bridge for some years a very simple bridge, I don't know many Conventions.
- No problem, do you want to play with me today?
- I will be delighted, but you must forgive my mistakes, I don't even know how to use a bidding box!!!!!!!!

- Let's play, have fun, and try to do our best.
We registered, we played the tournament and at the end I went to the Bar to have a beer, having no idea if we have did badly or very badly.
Some minutes later, the Lady comes:
- Luis, Luis, please come, we won the tournament and they are calling us to give us our prize.
- What? We won? That's impossible!!!!!!!
- It's true, we won with 64%.

On the same day I made my registration with the Portuguese Bridge Federation.
I started to play more tournaments, teams, festivals, etc., etc.
In two years I got my Ranking of "1Club", 98th in Portuguese Federation.
During the years I won lots and lots of tournaments, some good performances playing in Spain too, I won a Major Festival, during three consecutive years I won the 1st place in, at the time, very prestigious BPI Tour.

1st place in Merit Order BPI 97
1st place in Merit Order BPI 98
1st place in Merit Order BPI 99

Then I discovered BBO.
I was caught by the pleasure of making friends from all over the world and playing with them.
Of course sometimes it was a pleasure, other times e real torture, but at the end all experiences were unforgettable.
I was accepted, at the time, as member of the well known Abalucy Club, and over the months I have Directed there more than 200 tournaments. In the last times I was coManager of this Club.
Due to some misunderstandings, I left the Club, explaining my reasons to the owners of BBO.
I met
Fred Gitelman, during the Bermuda Bowl 2005 and he, together with Uday Ivaturi gave me my Private Club, the famous Unibridge Club, It is now the preferred club of the BBO Stars and Real Experts, and some days ago we celebrated the 4.400th tournament.
As Manager of
BBO Portugal too, I host tournaments for Portuguese, not in a regular way, but I have directed more than 100 tournaments.

Fred Gitelman put me in charge to indicate to BBO the Portuguese Players who require the skills to have the prestigious BBO Star.
I have made too all the translation to Portuguese of the new BBO Browser Version.

Now my Bridge life is dedicated in great part to BBO and I don't regret having made this decision, because I enjoy to run every day my prestigious tournaments, and mainly
HELPING Portuguese players and others from another countries, that are new in this amazing Bridge Site, and that need some information how to register in tournaments, how to create a Team Match, etc. I do everything with pleasure, because time to time I notice that no BBO Yellows are visible. I’m so well-known and fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish and good skills in Italian, that people don't hesitate to contact me.
The only things I don't tolerate are Rudeness, Bad Manners, and Runners for bad scores, among others. I agree 100% with BBO Rules.

Sincerely I am grateful to Fred, Sheri and Uday for the amazing Bridge Base Online.
My thanks too to all BBO community.


Starting 30 September 2008, I was nominated

Finishing end of 2016 because of achieving the maximum number of mandates, I was elected Delegate for Represent the Players in the General Assemblies of the Portuguese Bridge Federation. Any Portuguese Player can contact me online
to solve any situation you may need.

Contact email adress: [email protected]

Thanks all

(Photo) - Bridge Personality of the year 2009 in Portugal

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