- All BBO rules apply in our Club.

- It is MANDATORY to announce in all rounds SYSTEM, LEADS and CARDING. Call TD to table when announce NOT MADE and STOP BID.

- Please ALERT and explain with FULL DISCLOSURE all conventional bids. FAILURE to do so might eventually result in  ADJUSTED boards.

- No DUMMY CLAIMS allowed.

- Do NOT CHAT with your partner during BIDDING and PLAY. If you must please use only ENGLISH.

- If you feel opponents  are PLAYING SLOWLY, NOTIFY the TD during the ROUND, not AFTER.

- Is a TIMED EVENT, so please BID/PLAY promptly and accept VALID CLAIMS.

- Our policy is ZERO TOLERANCE towards RUDE BEHAVIOR to TDs, partner and opponents.

- If you INTENTIONALLY DISCONNECT or are BADLY BEHAVED,  you will be EXCUSED from the Club

- UNDO POLICY: Accept UNDOS for very clear MISCLICKS, but not for CHANGE OF MIND or MISPLAY. UNIBRIDGE is a Club of FAIR PLAY.     

- Please call ALWAYS the TD when any UNDO requested.

- SUBBING POLICY: Any member has the right to have his seat back if rejoin very quickly.



- Mandatory to alert Stayman if made interest in Majors.

- Poker bids will not be ACCEPTED and board will be ADJUSTED. We are playing in a SERIOUS bridge club, not in a Casino.


We are committed to maintaining a pleasant atmosphere on BBO. Playing on this site should be seen as a PRIVILEGE, not as a RIGHT: it is dependent upon the display of good Sportsmanship, correct deportment and above all irreproachable ethics observance of the highest standard. Players are therefore required to familiarize themselves with the Proprieties of the Laws of Duplicate Bridge.

Each player is reminded that it is a breach of ethics to break a law or regulation deliberately even if willing to accept a prescribed penalty.


The following are considered serious offenses:


- The use of profanities as well as racist or sexually explicit remarks

- Insulting your partners, opponents, or any other member of BBO

- Leaving the table in the middle of a hand for reasons other than you get disconnected or have good reason to believe that there is software problem.

- Using software such as MESSENGER, WHATS UP or SKYPE to communicate with your Partner


Special keyboard arrangements


- UNDO active: only for clear misclicks.




- The only language accepted is English

Systems Policy


- All systems allowed, if very well explained and alerted.

- Psychics only forbidden in Openings. All the others allowed if no partnership agreement.

- Both members of a partnership must agree to adopt the same meanings for calls in the auction and also for defensive card play. This does not restrict exercise of style and judgment.

- Psyches in NT openings not allowed all seats.

- Players are kindly requested to provide a Convention completed legibly in English, and to Announce System, leads and carding in all rounds.

- Failure to complete the Convention Card or Announce may give rise to the imposition of procedural penalties.

Playing time

- Players are expected to complete each round in 14 minutes.

- The system removes un-played or partly-played boards from pairs who are slow on purpose.

- If an un-played board is removed:

- If a player complains, must send a private message to the TD specifying the board number. The TD will examine the board and if he determines that one pair did not contribute to the slow play, the board will have an Average.

- If a partly-played board is removed:

- If a player complains, must send a private message to the TD specifying the board number and the required score. The TD will examine the board and if he determines that one pair did not contribute to the slow play, the board will be adjusted to the correct score ONLY if the line of play is self-evident.




Any bid/play that:

- has a special or artificial meaning, or

- whose partnership meaning may not be understood by the opponents is an "alertable call" which must be brought to the immediate attention of the opponents through the use of the "alert".

The BBO software is designed so that players alert their own bids. This is called "self-alerting" and it is opposite to the approach that is used in live bridge clubs and tournaments. If you have ANY doubt as to whether one of your bids should be alerted or not, it is appropriate to alert.

- If an opponent asks you for the meaning of one of your bids, you are expected to answer them politely, even if you think the answer is obvious. You do not have to tell the opponents how you INTEND your bid - only what you have AGREEDED with your partner.

- You cant use chat to explain your bids to your partner.

- Alert failing will involve an assigned score if the opponent will be damaged.



If a player is disconnected she will be replaced. If the regular player reconnects quickly will be readmitted to her own place.

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